Equipment Financing

Experts in innovative equipment financing. From equipment backed lines of credit to leveraged leases and loan, sale and leaseback, rental conversions, and vendor finance transactions. Count on Core Capital Group to come through with even the most complex financing. 

Commercial Lending

Leading the industry with responsive, fast , authoritative quick funding. Core Capital Group are experts in thorough borrower evaluations which leads to innovative lending solutions 

Corporate Finance

The clients goal is our goal -maximization of shareholder value. We bring a team of corporate financing experts to the table that is second to none. Merging years of experience with today's tools and data analysis to achieve our common goals

Our Mission

Fundamentally, capital consists of any production that can enhance an organizations power to perform economically useful work. Our sole focus is to blend our teams expertise with our clients requirements and provide flexible, competitive, and timely capital solutions

  1. Bio Gas System Financing
    Bio Gas System
  2. Income Producing Commercial Real Estate
    Income Producing Commercial Real Estate
  3. Gas Turbine Financing
    Gas Turbine
  4. Corporate Finance
    Corporate Finance
  5. Corporate-Aircraft-Financing
    Corporate Aircraft
  6. Construction-Equipment-Financing
    Agricultural Equipment
  7. Medical -Equipment-Financing
    Medical Equipment
  8. Construction-Equipment
    Construction Equipment
  9. Mining-Equipment-Financing
    Mining Equipment
  10. Speciality-Equipment-Financing
    Speciality Equipment


Our Experience is the Difference
Core Capital Group Inc. is an independent team of Corporate Finance professionals leveraging their collective 210 years of industry expertise, resulting in billions of dollars of successful negotiations and transaction completion.

Core Capital Group builds strength from a diverse team with broad areas of experience in Specialty Finance through effective teamwork and collaborative problem-solving.  Each challenge is met with professionalism, creativity, and inclusiveness; the client is key to an effective solution.

Core Capital Group brings together specialized teams of experienced, highly successful commercial finance specialists able to structure and deliver a diverse range of capital solutions ranging from equipment financing and leasing, Asset-Backed Lending, Term Loans, and Debt restructuring.